Active Network | IPICO distributor

Do you regularly organize races in your school or school board?

Do you have to plan several competitions during the year?

Getting your own timing equipment Active Network|IPICO may be worthwhile.

Together, QuidChrono analyzes your needs, the races that you organize, their frequency, the estimated participation rate, your goals, whether they be commercial or not, etc. Depending on the circumstances, it may be worthwhile to get and manage your own equipment. QuidChrono is a distributor of IPICO equipment: easy to use, affordable and among the most reliable on the market. With its solid timekeeping experience since 2007 and the help offered to its many clients, qualified QuidChrono staff will assist you throughout your project. We provide training for the use of products, arrange delivery, ensure that all needs are met and that you have all the hardware and software in order to guarantee a fully functionning system .
Contact us and we will inform you about our Active Network|IPICO equipment distributor services.


Contact us and we will inform you about our IPICO equipment distributor services.